Bacova Standsoft Branch Swirl Anti-Fatigue Indoor Kitchen Door Mat Review

A slice rug by the kitchen sink or any other heavy-traffic spot will help prevent wear and tear on your floor and carpeting. 100% Olefin is designed with your comfort to your mind. The memory foam slice rug from Bacova features a foliage-motif with swirling hues of burnt umber, green, and gold. This functional, stylish rug adds a decorative accent your kitchen, laundry room, or workspace. The Dirt Stopper quality of the rugs from Bungalow Flooring is a terrific addition to any home where high traffic is a problem. Beautify your kitchen and enhance the joy of cooking with this lovely Daisies anti-fatigue chef mat. A must have for any kitchen, this stylish Relaxed Chef Mat is slip resistant and water repellant which alleviates some of the stress of cleaning up. Get comfortable anywhere you spend a long time standing (kitchen, laundry room, workshop, garage) with this great, cushioned mat. The mat features a layer of Memory Foam HD™ that provides anti-fatigue comfort.

The rugs are very lovely they add a stylish texture to your kitchen coverings.  The sizes are perfect for in front of the island sink.



Product specifications:

  • Rug is 100% Orelin with Non-skid backing
  • Machine wash cold and Line Dry
  • Backing is 100% latex.
  • Measures 30″ at its widest and 18″ at its longest.
  • Machine wash.
  • Imported
  • Orelin Pile and latex non-skid backing


You can order the Bacova Standsoft Indoor Kitchen Door Mat on sale over at

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