Add style to your home with the new Home Sweet Home mat!

The Home Sweet Home mat makes a great addition for your kitchen or your bathroom. It is functional and at the same time brings extra style and comfort to your home. If you choose the proper mat, it can become an inseparable part of your interior design making decisions


Home Sweet Home Kitchen or Bath Mat 20″ by 30″ SB3076CMT

This model home mat is a great choice if you’re looking for a mix of quality and value. It is versatile enough to be used either in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Its build quality ensures that it will last you for enjoy it for long time.


Prominent features:

  • Size – this gorgeous functional home mat has the following size: 20 x 30 inches, which make it suitable for any corner or place in your home.
  • Non-slipping feature – this model kitchen or bath mat is made from a special slipping resistant material, which provides you safety and comfort, especially in the bathroom.



If you want a home mat that is both beautiful and functional, then this model is a great choice.


Reported problems:

If it is exposed directly to the sun, the colors may fade.


Concluding remarks:

Liven your home with style with this Home Sweet Home mat.

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