Kitchen Floor Mat Canvas (Bicycle Design) Review

Floor cloths or canvas rugs can be used as an area rug might be used.  They should be used on a hard surface, i.e. not on top of carpet. They should be used indoors. Floor cloths are particularly suited for places where clean-up is needed on a frequent basis.  Dining rooms, entry ways and kitchens are prime places for a floor cloth. Floor cloths can provide protection for the floor.  This is particularly useful where hardwood floors are installed in areas of heavy use or cooking. Clean up for a floor cloth is simple and easy by using a damp mop.  They can be waxed, but we don’t usually recommend that process. Floor cloths can be made to have a very flat hem, as with a cut edge, making them useful for homes with seniors.  This is also a useful factor when placed near a doorway, and the door swing is minimal. These cloths are suitable for use in the kitchen, since they are meant to be placed on a hard surface like tile or wood (not carpet), and they can be swept and mopped. A little wax, applied once a year or so, helps keep them protected.


Product specifications:

  • Canvas floor mat for under the kitchen sink or any other area.
  • 24″ x 36″ Wipes off & protects floor.
  • Design from a collection of vintage images.
  • Suitable for framing too. Made like a giclee for the wall.
  • Made in USA


You can purchase Kitchen Floor Mat Canvas (Bicycle Design) over at

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