Rubber Back Multicolor Contemporary Frame Boxes Non-Slip Door Mat HMM5059 Review

Accentuate your homes with colorful and stylish rugs. The Rubber Back Multicolor Contemporary Frame Boxes Non-Slip Door Mat HMM5059 will give your home entrance that classy look. Not only this rug is functional but it is also bacteria resistant.



Product Description:

  • Dimensions: 18″ x 30″
  • Inherently stain, fade and wear resistant for fuss fuss-free maintenance
  • Vivid colors will not fade over time
  • Sturdy machine woven on jacquard looms
  • Very functional low profile rug which is great for cleaning and under the doors
  • Bacteria resistant surface is perfect for homes with kids and pets


This rug is indeed very functional. Not only it very durable and can be used for a long time, it is also bacteria resistant and fade resistant. It is ideal for a homes with kids because it safe and free from bacteria.

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Dragonfly Welcome Coir Doormat Review

It is always pleasant to see a welcoming sight in an entrance way. Place  a doormat with a stylish and friendly design that will make your guest smile for a minute. Dragonfly Welcome Coir Doormat is ideal for your entryway.  It is hand woven and high quality and can withstand all kinds of weather.


Product Description:

  • Measurements: 18’H x 30”L x ¾” thick
  • Water resistant
  • Superior scrubbing power – to keep dirt outdoors and not in your home
  • Material: natural coconut fiber, hand stenciled with permanent fade resistant dyes
  • Sizes and colors will vary slightly


Product Performance:

The Dragonfly Welcome Coir Doormat is made of durable materials and designed to withstand any kinds of weather. It is very functional in keeping the shoes daily dirt out off your home. It has permanent fade resistant dyes, so the color and design will stay for a long time. It is made of natural materials that will give you not only a pleasant welcoming mat but a good quality one too. You can order it online over at

Boats and Lighthouses Non-Slip Machine Washable Kitchen Rug Review

The Boats and Lighthouses Non-Slip Machine Washable Kitchen Rug is a very useful essential to your kitchen. It has a skid resistant backing to keep it place so will not slide when you step into it. It is very cozy on your feet too. The design is very attractive and this rug will keep your floors in shape.
Prominent Features:
  • Design – natica bar harbor, lighthouse and boats
  • Materials: polyested, imported
  • Size; 57 inches length x 20 inches width
  • Skid backing resitant – to keep it in place
Product Performance:
The Boats and Lighthouses Non-Slip Machine Washable Kitchen Rug is a nice and big, it will keep your kitchen floors clean and in shape always. It is safe whenever you step into it because it will not slide easily due to its skid resist and backing features. So, you can rest assured that you and your kids will be safe from any accidental slipping. You can get it over at

Bacova Standsoft Branch Swirl Anti-Fatigue Indoor Kitchen Door Mat Review

A slice rug by the kitchen sink or any other heavy-traffic spot will help prevent wear and tear on your floor and carpeting. 100% Olefin is designed with your comfort to your mind. The memory foam slice rug from Bacova features a foliage-motif with swirling hues of burnt umber, green, and gold. This functional, stylish rug adds a decorative accent your kitchen, laundry room, or workspace. The Dirt Stopper quality of the rugs from Bungalow Flooring is a terrific addition to any home where high traffic is a problem. Beautify your kitchen and enhance the joy of cooking with this lovely Daisies anti-fatigue chef mat. A must have for any kitchen, this stylish Relaxed Chef Mat is slip resistant and water repellant which alleviates some of the stress of cleaning up. Get comfortable anywhere you spend a long time standing (kitchen, laundry room, workshop, garage) with this great, cushioned mat. The mat features a layer of Memory Foam HD™ that provides anti-fatigue comfort.

The rugs are very lovely they add a stylish texture to your kitchen coverings.  The sizes are perfect for in front of the island sink.



Product specifications:

  • Rug is 100% Orelin with Non-skid backing
  • Machine wash cold and Line Dry
  • Backing is 100% latex.
  • Measures 30″ at its widest and 18″ at its longest.
  • Machine wash.
  • Imported
  • Orelin Pile and latex non-skid backing


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Kitchen Floor Mat Canvas (Bicycle Design) Review

Floor cloths or canvas rugs can be used as an area rug might be used.  They should be used on a hard surface, i.e. not on top of carpet. They should be used indoors. Floor cloths are particularly suited for places where clean-up is needed on a frequent basis.  Dining rooms, entry ways and kitchens are prime places for a floor cloth. Floor cloths can provide protection for the floor.  This is particularly useful where hardwood floors are installed in areas of heavy use or cooking. Clean up for a floor cloth is simple and easy by using a damp mop.  They can be waxed, but we don’t usually recommend that process. Floor cloths can be made to have a very flat hem, as with a cut edge, making them useful for homes with seniors.  This is also a useful factor when placed near a doorway, and the door swing is minimal. These cloths are suitable for use in the kitchen, since they are meant to be placed on a hard surface like tile or wood (not carpet), and they can be swept and mopped. A little wax, applied once a year or so, helps keep them protected.


Product specifications:

  • Canvas floor mat for under the kitchen sink or any other area.
  • 24″ x 36″ Wipes off & protects floor.
  • Design from a collection of vintage images.
  • Suitable for framing too. Made like a giclee for the wall.
  • Made in USA


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