10’x10′ Square Raspberry Beret Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug Carpet Review

Indoor/Outdoor Carpet Rugs are great accessory to be used out on your patio, porch, party event tents and canopies. They serve as a great use for camping, picnics and other outdoor recreational purposes. They come in many sizes and shapes and are suitable for any and all of your outdoor carpet needs.



Product specification:

  • UV-Protected – weather and Fade-resistant, 100% UV olefin
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Manufactured with a woven polypropylene backing
  • Premium Nylon Fabric bound edge that nicely finishes your rug and helps prevent fraying
  • Premium Quality, Made in the USA


They are easy to clean – just hose off and dry. Each rug comes with a premium nylon fabric bound edge that nicely finishes your rug and prevent fraying. Each piece gives an elegant style to live, a sense of luxury blended with comfort.  It gives your indoor, outdoor, stair case a new class of fashion. Rugs can be made to have a very flat hem, as with a cut edge, making them useful for homes with seniors.  This is also a useful factor when placed near a doorway, and the door swing is minimal. These rugs are suitable for use in the kitchen too, since they are meant to be placed on a hard surface like tile or wood (not carpet), and they can be swept and mopped. A little wax, applied once a year or so, helps keep them protected.


You can purchase the Square Raspberry Beret Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug Carpet right now through Amazon.com with free shipping!

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